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AI Green Screen Photography Android App offered by Haavepaja. SmartAppsAPK shares New Update APK file rolled out by developers and install on Android Smartphone and other devices.

AI Green Screen Description:

This is the AI green screen you have been looking for! Pick any image or video and detect objects and background automatically – and not only for green screening, but for various other cool effects too. The app is based on semantic image segmentation, which is the concept of finding objects and boundaries in images. Google Research DeepLab is a state-of-art deep learning neural network for the semantic image segmentation – and now with AI Green Screen this awesome technology is available as an easy app for everyday use. Simply let AI detect the image objects and pick the effect to apply. True power of artificial intelligence to everybody!

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AI Detection Sensitivity
You can apply effects to detected objects or everything else (the background). The are 3 different levels of object detection sensitivity:

1) People only: strictly focusing on humans.

2) People and vehicles (default): detects people, aeroplanes, bicycles, boats, buses, cars, motorbikes, and trains. This mode is useful for protecting privacy, like blurring all objects that can contain privacy sensitive information (like license plates etc).

3) All objects: in addition to people and vehicles, detects: birds, bottles, cats, chairs, cows, diningtables, dogs, horses, pottedplants, sheeps, sofas, trains, and TVs

You can apply effects either to the detected objects or to the background: AI visualization, blurring, tiling, green screen (masking objects or background with green), transparency (transparency effects switch on PNG saving, not available for video processing), black&white effect, and background swap (new in beta 4).

Video support
AI Green Screen now supports processing videos too (new in beta 5). You can select the output frame rate of 1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 frames per second. Audio is not affected by the reduced frame rates.

Use app as a share target
In addition to using the main menu to pick the image or video to edit, you can send an image to AI Green Screen from any app that handles images or videos. Simply choose to share the selected image or video and use AI Green Screen as the share target.

AI Green Screen uses local AI processing only, unlike most AI products. This is a major benefit, since AI Green Screen never sends your images out of your device for cloud processing. After editing, you can choose to share the image, if you like. But even in this case the standard Android share functionality is used, and you stay fully in control.

Mask Editor
Image mode: Sometimes AI may not produce a perfect result – or maybe you want to remove a person or an object from the AI generated mask. Extending the mask is just as easy with Mask Editor.

Crop Tool
Image mode: Choose to save only a selected part of the processed image.

Google TensorFlow Mobile

Google Research DeepLab V3+ (PASCAL VOC 2012, Mobile Net V2)

Beta warning: this app uses loads of memory (for both the neural network and the image manipulation algorithms) and it relies on multiple cutting edge technologies. The app has been fully tested on Nokia 8, and it does work without major issues. However, running on other Android devices is far from certain, so your beta feedback is highly appreciated.

We would love to hear your feedback. You can use Play to contact us. Or simply contact us on Twitter or Instagram @Haavepaja

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What’s New 1.0.5:

* Mask editor: mask scaling tool to fine tune mask borders (grow or shrink the mask of each detected object)
* Video export creates now more compatible files for low fps videos
* Marble background effect
* Object zoom repeater effect
* Black background effect (to just remove a background without using the transparency effect)
* Bug fix: effect name flyers were incorrect in video mode

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AI Green Screen APK DownloadVersion: 1.0.5
Updated: October 13, 2018
Offered By: Haavepaja.
Category: Photography
AI Green Screen Android APK Download

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