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Battle Space Description:

The year is 1816 AU, The galaxy is in turmoil, conflicts arise, and no one seems up to the task. Commander, what will you do? Will you let the galaxy fall under the corruption that has crept within the Central Government? Or will you take up arms yourself and reestablish just order?

Unique mix of TBS, RPG and base building, Battle space will take you on an epic journey to liberate entire sectors of the galaxy from threats ranging from mundane pirates to vicious overlords or mutated Horrors.

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Build your base, research, train, equip your units and lead them on in-depth strategic intense battles on the ground or take on the ultimate challenge and build a fleet to wage war over space supremacy. Battle Space allows an unmatched level of customization from how you compose your teams and fleets, to your base construction and heroes’ skills, everything is truly under your control to make your playthrough truly unique.

Battle Space is a futuristic military strategy game with a stunningly detailed combat system, immersive battle gameplay, an in-depth strategy that will keep you challenged, immersed and revising your strategic decisions. This Futuristic war game lets you train your army to prepare them for battle against constantly changing odds. Hire legendary heroes and build teams of complementary units for the best synergy to annihilate all resistance.


Build a base from scratch, customize and defend your base as you unlock new powerful buildings and defenses to aid you on your quest.
.Acquire new powerful units with shards found in loots.
.Recruit and train powerful heroes to join your cause, level them up and unlock new devastating skills for them to use in battle.
.Fight in strategic intense, turn based ground battles with the teams you have tailor made for the fight.
.Build and fight with titanic fleets of fighters and massive battle cruisers.
.Embark on an epic quest to liberate the galaxy from a sinister menace
. Play in PVP and test your wits against that of the world.
.Create or join and help your alliance flourish
.Participate in exciting daily events.
.Research new technologies to help you ascertain your dominion.

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What’s New v1.0.0.11:

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Updated: March 12, 2018
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