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Dynamic Rotation Control Description:

This little app runs a service in the background that monitors your phone’s orientation and triggers an unobtrusive button when the phone’s orientation is changed by 90 degrees (and the screen rotation is locked).
If you press the button, the screen rotation is adjusted. Otherwise, nothing happens.
A very quick and easy way to control your screen rotation on the go without having to adjust any settings.

Please note: Apps (like launchers, for example) can have app-specific rotation preferences. These are currently not overriden by this service.

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Additional features may be added in the futures and can be requested.

Thanks for trying my app!

*** Important ***
A lot of people report the app as broken because it does not work when auto-rotate (system setting) is enabled. This is a feature and not a bug! The app will not interfere with auto-rotate, or even lock the screen rotation for you. It observes the auto-rotate system setting and only displays the button when the setting is disabled by you.

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What’s New 1.4.1:

There are some persistent bugs that I have been unable to resolve. Added a new crash analytics tool to get to the bottom of this. It requires internet connection to share crash reports. No personal data of any kind is shared or even accessed, and the app only uses internet when an actual crash happens.

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Dynamic Rotation Control APK DownloadVersion: 1.4.1
Updated: June 13, 2018
Offered By: Bubblegum Apps.
Category: Tools
Dynamic Rotation Control Android APK Download

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