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Island Tools Android App offered by Oasis Feng. SmartAppsAPK shares New Update APK file rolled out by developers and install on Android Smartphone and other devices.

Island Description:

On the Island, you can:

* Isolate app, for privacy protection.
* Clone app, for parallel running.
* Freeze app, to completely block its background behaviors.
* Hide app, for various reasons.
* Archive app, for potential future use on-demand.

If your device is incompatible or not encrypted, you can skip this limitation manually. Please refer to the XDA post for details:

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To uninstall and removal Island completely, please first “Destroy Island” in Settings – Setup. If you have already uninstalled Island app, please “Remove work profile” in your device “Settings – Accounts”.

===== PERMISSIONS =====

DEVICE-ADMIN: Device administrator privilege is required to create the Island space (work profile), which serves as the fundamental functionality of Island. It will be explicitly requested for your consent.

PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: Required to correctly recognize the running state of apps. It will be explicitly requested for your consent.

We will never collect data related to your privacy, please read our privacy policy for more details.


What’s New 2.9.2:

Fix the Google Play “-504 error” in 2.9.1 on some devices.

No more sticky service when Island is running in foreground.
New runtime permission-based open API for 3rd-party apps. (more details to come)

App cloning is now instant on Android 9 in God mode.
Fixed the cloning issue on MIUI for Android 8.
Fixed the “Create unfreeze and launch shortcut” action for frozen app.
Improved the helper notification for full clean-up after Island is uninstalled.

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Download Island APK v2.9.2

Island APK DownloadVersion: 2.9.2
Updated: October 6, 2018
Offered By: Oasis Feng.
Category: Tools
Island APK Download

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