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Lane Identification Pro Description:

Lane Identification Pro demonstrates how you can automatically identify driving lanes on the road using just your phone or tablet. Interested in self driving cars and autonomous driving systems? This app will give you a sneak peak on how lane identification on some of these autonomous driving systems work. The app runs best on the latest generation of phones and tablets but is designed to optimize performance on older hardware as well. If you are experiencing performance issues, please refer to the “Troubleshooting Tips” and “Help” sections in the app to tweak the lane identification parameters to give you better performance.

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You will be able to switch your view between the original image, filtered image for driving lane detection or the output of the canny edge detection algorithm used to identify lane lines. You can also enable/disable lane stabilization and configure the “region of interest” which represents the area of the screen we expect the driving lanes to be present in. The app can also detect when you are drifting out of your lane and alert you with a Lane Departure Warning (LDW).

Interested in more advanced settings? We give you full control of the parameters that go into the driving lane identification process.
* Enable/disable automatic detection of white level threshold used to tease out the lane lines or specify your custom value.
* Specify whether you want to apply Gaussian blur to the result (including the kernel size)
* Configure the low and high thresholds for Canny edge detection including the aperture size and whether to use a L1/L2 gradient.
* Configure the threshold for the probabilistic Hough Transform used to detect lane lines along with the min line length and max line gap
* Configure parameters for lane stabilization and ignoring bad detection.
* Configure parameters for Lane Departure Warnings (LDW).

More features coming soon!

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What’s New v2.0:

Introducing Auto Calibration! Having a tough time tweaking your lane identification settings? Now you can just plug it in and go! The app will automatically adjust the performance, region of interest and lane departure warning settings for best results on your device.

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Lane Identification Pro APK DownloadVersion: 2.0
Updated: March 1, 2018
Offered By: Vembar LLC.
Category: Auto & Vehicles
Lane Identification Pro Android APK Download

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