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Noah Fantasy Description:

Noah Fantasy—Puzzle•Simulation RPG

▶ Simulation x Puzzles x Cards x Adventure ALL IN ONE!
▶ Enroll monster girls and train them to become magical girls!
▶ Interact with each character to reveal their hidden secrets!
▶ Explore the land of Noah and try reaching the truth of the world!

~Background Story~

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「The one from another world,can you answer three of my questions?
—Are you satisfied with your life so far?
—Are you eager to be recognized in your heart?
—Do you love this world?
Huh? Don’t understand?
Well, the heart itself is not something that can be prepared—」

This world has been spreading a legend—a long time ago, a terrible “catastrophe” swept across the continent. It was then that the god named Noah appeared, guarding countless lives throughout the “catastrophe”. A magical school called P.E.T.S. (Potency Exploitation & Training School) was set up to maintain peace on this continent for ages. However, principle Pites suddenly disappeared mysteriously and YOU were selected to be the new owner of P.E.T.S!!

~Game Features~
★ Over a hundred magical monster girls gather together ★
The survivors of the “catastrophe” became the ancestors of all those alive today on the land of Noah. However, only a small number of girls have retained the magic of their ancestors and can learn to use it through training. They are waiting for your recruitment all over the land~~! XD
★ Joining Puzzle & Exploration for brand new experience ★
Every girl has her own personality, hobbies, and secret! As the master of the school, you will need to uncover these secrets to fully understand them, master their strength in order to get better in battle. If you’re not sincere in your heart, trust me the girls will know ~~~(・ω<)
★ All characters are equipped with Live2D & voiced by famous Japanese actresses ★
Each character has two sets of uniforms—school uniforms and battle suits. Watch the girls come to live between your hands using the full set of Live2D technology and Japanese voiceovers~!
★ A deep strategy is needed for exploring in this fantasy world ★
Plan your resource distribution wisely, and use the characters you have to eliminate all threats. Random events, exploration reports, library files, and your own tactics will help you uncover the truth.


Well, I see~ you’re ready to travel to Noah now. Manage your own school, explore one secret after another, and uncover the truth of the world through your own strategy!

「The door to Noah is about to open—」

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What’s New 1.0.4:

– Some bugs are fixed.
– Some optimizations are done.

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Updated: February 25, 2019
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